The Blacksmith

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Blacksmith, The
X:2303 T:Blacksmith, The T:A Blacksmith Courted Me R:song O:English Z:id:hn-song-131 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=110 K:Edor (BA) | G2 E2 G2 (AB) | d6 (AB) | B2 E2 (DE) E2- | E6 (BA) | G2 E2 G2 (AB) | d6 (AB) | B2 E2 (DE) E2- | E6 Bc | d2 d2 e2(ed) | B6 (BA) | G2 E2 (GA) A2- | A6 EF | G2 A2 B2 (cA) | B6 (EF) | (GA) B2 (DE) E2- | E6 || W:A blacksmith courted me, nine months and better. W:He fairly won my heart, wrote me a letter. W:With his hammer in his hand, he looked quite clever, W:And if I was with my love, I'd live forever. W: W:But where is my love gone, with his cheeks like roses? W:And his good black billycock on, decked with primroses. W:I'm afraid the scorching sun will shine and burn his beauty, W:And if I was with my love I'd do my duty. W: W:Strange news is come to town, strange news is carried. W:Strange news flies up and down that my love is married. W:I wish them both much joy though they can't hear me. W:And may God reward him well for the slighting of me. W: W:Don't you remember when you lay beside me? W:And you said you'd marry me and not deny me? W:If I said I'd marry you, it was only for to try you, W:So bring your witness, love, and I'll not deny you. W: W:Oh, witness have I none save God almighty, W:And may he reward you well for the slighting of me. W:Her cheeks grew pale and wan, it made her poor heart tremble, W:To think she loved the one and he proved deceitful.
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