The King of Ballyhooley

A song in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for King of Ballyhooley, The
X:2294 T:King of Ballyhooley, The R:song Z:id:hn-song-122 M:2/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=110 K:D A | AA DE | FG E2 | CD EF | GA FD- | D3 A | AA D>E | FG E>D | CD EF | GA FD- | D3 A | AB cd | ec d>B | AB cd | ed cA- | A3 A | AB cd | ec dB/B/ | AA EF | GA FD- | D3 || W:I'll tell yez how it was with me, if to listen yez are willin'. W:'Twas in yon house behind yon hill, where I had lately been distillin'. W:I swung a keg upon me back, and started out for daylight coolly. W:Good customers I did not lack, and I sold it all in Ballyhooley. W: W:I thought it wiser to delay me homeward way for fear of peelers, W:And in that way I spent the day, dinin' with the whiskey dealers. W:But as the shades of night came down, and I had got me money duly, W:I bid goodnight to all was there, and I started home from Ballyhooley. W: W:My heart was light with the mountain dew that I had brewed among the heather, W:And on me way I chanced to spy a lad and lassie walk together. W:Her neck was like the mountain snow, with cheeks like roses blossomed newly, W:She'd a voice like music soft and low, she was the flower of Ballyhooley. W: W:This young man quickly left her side, it was afraid of me that he was, W:And still the lassie did not hide, it was in love with me that she was, W:Then quickly up beside her came, says I "Fair maid I love you truly! W:And if your parents give consent will you be my bride in Ballyhooley?" W: W:"I have a house behind yon hill, two fine greyhounds and a ferret, W:Besides I have a little still, the drop it makes with you I'll share it, W:And I have got a feather bed, with sheets and blankets purchased newly, W:Besides I have a ring to wed, if you'll be mine in Ballyhooley" W: W:Her cherry cheeks they grew more red, during the time that we were talkin', W:And still she hung her little head, and viewed the ground where we were walkin', W:She says "Young man if you're content, and if you say you love me truly, W:And if me parents give consent, I'll be your bride in Ballyhooley." W: W:I asked her name she said it was Jane and that her second name was Cooley, W:And then I asked her when we'd wed she said the sooner well the better, W:So I went and asked her parents glad, if they were content to let me get her, W:They said they were they wished us luck, we started out for Father Dooley, W:And at the hour of twelve o'clock we tied the knot in Ballyhooley. W: W:The wedding that we had that day, the people comin' uninvited, W:The piper played for every squad, Jane she sang and I recited, W:The poteen flowed like a waterfall, that from the still had just come newly, W:And in that way we gaily spent our honeymoon in Ballyhooley. W: W:The wedding presents that we got, none of them was mean or shabby, W:And me Auntie Dot she bought some cloth, to make the dresses for the baby, W:Invitations then went round to friends that we had just made newly, W:A lighter heart could not be found, than mine that night in Ballyhooley. W: W:It's fifteen years now since we wed, still in every way we're thrivin', W:Me Jane she is a dandy yet, though down the hill of life she's drivin', W:The family has increased in store, fifteen daughters all unruly, W:Bonny Jane she is me Queen, and I'm the king of Ballyhooley.
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