The Little Red Fox

A song in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Little Red Fox, The
X:2293 T:Little Red Fox, The R:song D:Se\'an O S\'e Z:id:hn-song-121 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=160 K:D A, | DDF2 A2AA | (AB)(AF) A2AF | D2F2 A2F2 | E4 D2 AA | dddd c3B | ABAF E2DB, | (DE)(FD) E2E2 | D4 D2 A,2 | D2F2 A2A2 | (AB)(AF) A3F | D2F2 A2F2 | E4 D2 AA | d2d2 c3B | (AB)(AF) E2DB, | DEF2 E2E2 | D4 D2 || A2 | DEFG AAAA | ABAF AA2 F | DEFG AAF2 | E4 D2 A2 | ddd2 cc2B | A3F EE (DB,) | DEF2 EEE2 | D4 D3 || W:The little red fox is a raider sly in the misty moonlight creeping W:With a morsel to his taste, he hurries off in haste, while the farmyard's soundly sleeping W:"A duck", says he, "has charms for me, likewise a young cock crowing, W:But a fine fat goose is most of use to a family young and growing" W: W:Chorus: W:An maidr\'in a rua, rua, rua, rua, rua W:An maidr\'in a rua t\'a gr\'ana W:An maidr\'in rua na lu\'i sa luachair W:Is barr a dh\'a chluas in airde W: W:The little red fox is a family man by his own fireside reposing W:Till the cry of the hound shows his lair is found and there's no time left for dozing W:"I'm off", says he, "don't wait for me there's a long, long road before me, W:but home I'll be in time for tea when I put this trial o'er me" W: W:Chorus W: W:The little red fox is a hero bold and he rakes his foes but meanly W:With the turn, twist and wind, they're left far behind, and he rests on the hill serenely W:"I like", says he, "the breeze from the sea and the view up here is glorious" W:And sweet from below comes the merry tally-ho, and the hounds' melodious chorus W: W:Chorus W: W:The little red fox is a gallant knight when the hour of stress has found him W:He crouches at the feet of the beauty of the meet, while yelping foes surround him W:"Fair maid", says he, "were it not for thee, some sport I'd show them daily, W:but my brush I yield to the fairest of the field and I die at her feet quite gaily" W: W:Chorus W: W:Translation of chorus: W:The little red fox W:The little red fox so ugly [or d\'ana = bold] W:The little red fox lying among the rushes W:And the tops of his two ears sticking up W: W:Chorus in English: W:The little Red Fox, Rex Fox, Red Fox, W:The little Red Fox, none bolder, W:The little Red Fox, creeping through the rocks, W:With a fat goose o'er his shoulder.
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