Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary

A song in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary
X:2292 T:Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary R:song Z:id:hn-song-120 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Dmix AF | D2 A3 B | c2 (BA) GA | B2 A2 G2 | E2 D2 de | (d3 c) AB | c2 (BA) (GA) | B2 c2 (B/A/G) | A4 (de) | (d3 c) AB | c2 (BA) GA | B2 A2 (AG) | E2 D2 A2 | D2 A2 B2 | c2 B2 AG | E2 D2 C2 | D4 || W:Fare thee well, lovely Mary for it's now I must leave you, W:To the distant West Indies my long course to steer. W:I know very well that my long absence will grieve you. W:But I will be back in the course of the year. W: W:Oh, don't talk of leaving me dearest jewel, W:Oh, don't talk of leaving me here on the shore, W:For it is your sweet company that I do desire love, W:I'll sigh, I will die if I ne'er see you more. W: W:Don't let my long absence bring any worry unto you, W:Or any strange notions come into your mind, W:For though we are parted, we'll still be true-hearted W:And we will be married, when I do return. W: W:I'll dress as a sailor, she said, and go with you, W:In the midst of all dangers by your side I will stand. W:And when that the cold stormy winds are a-blowing, W:Darling I'll be with you to wait on you then. W: W:Your tiny little fingers, could not hold this strong cable, W:And your small little feet to the top-mast could not go. W:Your frail, slender body this rough life cannot endure, love. W:Stay at home lovely Mary, to the seas do not go. W: W:Soon the big ship was sailing, lovely Mary sadly waiting, W:Her red rosy cheeks now as pale as the snow. W:Her gay golden locks she's continually tearing, W:Saying, I'll sigh, love, I'll die love shall I ne'er see you more. W: W:So come all you young maidens, from me take a warning, W:and never trust a sailor or heed what he says, W:for first they will court you, and love you and leave you, W:forever lamenting in grief and in pain.
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