As I Roved Out (on a Bright May Morning)

A song in the key of Emix

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Abc sheet music for As I Roved Out (on a Bright May Morning)
X:2291 T:As I Roved Out (on a Bright May Morning) R:song Z:id:hn-song-119 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Emix (B,D) | E2F2 (E3F) | (ED)B,2 D2E2 | (F3E) D2 E2 | F2(dc) B3c | (BA)F2 E2(FG) | A6 (FA) | B2c2 (B3c) | (BA)F2 E2F2 | (E3D) B,2 B,2 | A2(Bc) (B3c) | (BA)F2 E2E2 | E6 || W:As I roved out on a bright May morning, W:To view the meadows and the flowers gay, W:Whom should I spy but my own true lover, W:As she sat under yon willow tree. W: W:I took off my hat and I did salute her, W:I did salute her courageously, W:When she turned around and the tears fell from her, W:Saying: "False young man, you have deluded me." W: W:"A diamond ring I own I gave you, W:A diamond ring to wear on your right hand, W:But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them, W:And married the lassie that had the land." W: W:"If I married the lassie that had the land, my love, W:It's that I'll rue until the day I die, W:When misfortune falls sure no man can shun it, W:I was blindfolded I'll ne'er deny." W: W:Now at night when I go to my bed of slumber, W:The thoughts of my true love run in my mind, W:When I turn around to embrace my darling, W:Instead of gold, sure it's brass I find. W: W:I wish the Queen would call home her army, W:From the West Indies, Americay and Spain, W:And every man to his wedded woman, W:In hopes that you and I will meet again.
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