Knickers of Corduroy

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Knickers of Corduroy
X:2284 T:Knickers of Corduroy R:song Z:id:hn-song-112 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=100 K:Edor B,2D | E2D E2F | E2D- D2F | G2A BBc | d3 B2d | e2d B2A | B2B D2E | FFF EEE | E3-E2 D | E2E E2F | E2D- D2F | G2A B2c | d3-d2 d | e2d B2A | B2D- DDE | F2F EEE | E3-E2 || D | E2E E2F | E2D D3 | GGA B2c | d3 B2d | eed BBA | B2D- D2E | F2F E2E | E3-E2 D | E2E E2F | E2D D2F | G2A B2c | d3 B2d | eed B2A | B2D- DDE | F2F E2E | E3-E2 || W:I'm a decent married woman, my name is Mrs. Magee, W:I'm a native of this County Down convenient to Donaghadee, W:I had a faithful husband, oh whom I liked so fine, W:But now he's gone and left me and I'm nearly out of my mind. W: W:Chorus: W:He wears a pair of laceless shoes, knickers of corduroy, W:He's a swallowtail coat and waistcoat, he's only got one eye, W:His hair and whiskers both are black, he wears a castor hat, W:And can anyone kindly tell me, have you seen my darling Pat? W: W:On the morning that we parted, the tears rolled in his eye, W:Saying "Biddy dear, I'm going away my fortune for to try. W:They say the harvest is pretty good in Scotland this year, W:So Biddy dear, I'll send you the price of a pint, don't you be feared." W: W:Chorus W: W:"If I can find a postbox, as soon as I arrive, W:You may expect a letter as sure as I'm alive." W:But my Pat's away three months today and he's left me in a stew, W:Since I lost my darling husband, oh what am I to do? W: W:Chorus
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