The Factory Girl

A song in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Factory Girl, The
X:2282 T:Factory Girl, The R:song D:Bothy Band: Out of the Wind, into the sun Z:id:hn-song-110 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:Em (de) | e e4 B | B d3 (dB) | A4 BA | G2 E3 d | e2 e3 B | B d3 (dB) | A3 G (AB) | B4 (de) | e e4 B | B d3 (dB) | A A3 (BA) | G2 E2 EF | G3 A B2 | e2 B2 (cB) | A D3 (GF) | E4 || W:As I was a-walking one fine summer's morning, W:The birds on the bushes did warble and sing, W:Gay laddies and lasses, and couples were sporting, W:Going down to the factory their work to begin. W: W:I spied one amongst them more fairer than any, W:Her cheeks like the red rose that none could excel, W:Her skin like the lily that grows in yon valley, W:And she was the hard working factory girl. W: W:I stepped up beside her to view her more closely, W:When on me she cast such a look of disdain. W:"Oh, young man, have manners and do not come near me, W:For although I'm a poor girl I think it no shame." W: W:"It's not for to scorn you, fair maid I adore you, W:But grant me one favour, say where do you dwell?" W:"Kind Sir, you'll excuse me, for now I must leave you, W:For yonder's the sound of my factory bell." W: W:"I have land I have houses, I adorned them with ivory, W:I have gold in my pockets and silver as well, W:And if you'll come with me, it's a lady I'll make you, W:And no more may you heed yon factory bell." W: W:With these words she turned and with that she had left me, W:And all for her sake I'll go wander away, W:And in some deep valley, where no one shall know me, W:I shall mourn for the sake of my factory girl.
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