Welcome Paddy Home

A song in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Welcome Paddy Home
X:2275 T:Welcome Paddy Home T:Welcome Poor Paddy Home R:song Z:id:hn-song-103 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=160 K:D P:First verse: A2 | (d3 e) f2 | e2 (d2 c2) | (B2 c2) d2 | D4 DE | F2 A2 F2 | E3 F E2 | D6- | D4 AA | (d2 e2) f2 | e2 d2 c2 | (B2 c2) d2 | D4 E2 | (F2 A2) F2 | (E2 F2) E2 | D6- | D4 || P:Chorus: E2 | F4 F2 | (E2 F2) E2 | D6- | D4 A2 | d3 e f2 | e2 d2 A2 | (B3 d B2 | A4) AA | d3 e f2 | e2 d2 c2 | (B2 c2) d2 | D4 (DE) | F2 A2 F2 | (E3 F) E2 | D6- | D4 || P:Remaining verses: E2 | F2 F2 F2 | (E2 F2) E2 | E2 D4- | D4 A2 | d3 e f2 | e2 d2 A2 | (B3 d B2 | A4) AA | d2 e2 f2 | e2 d2 c2 | (B2 c2) d2 | D4 (DE) | F2 A2 F2 | (E3 F) E2 | D6- | D4 || W:I am a true born Irishman, I will never deny what I am. W:I was born in sweet Tipperary town, three thousand miles away. W: W:Chorus: W:Hooray, me boys, hooray, no more do I wish for to roam, W:for the sun it will shine in the harvest time, to welcome poor Paddy home. W: W:The girls they were gay and frisky, they'd take you by the hand, W:sayin': Jimmy mo chroi, will you come with me, to welcome this stranger home. W: W:Chorus W: W:In came the foreign nation, and scattered all over the land. W:The horse and the cow, the pig, sheep and sow fell into the strangers' hands. W: W:Chorus W: W:The Scotsman can boast of his thistle, and England can boast of the rose, W:But Paddy can boast of his emerald isle, where the dear little shamrock grows. W: W:Chorus
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