Farewell to Whisky

A song in the key of Dm

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Abc sheet music for Farewell to Whisky
X:2274 T:Farewell to Whisky R:song H:Scottish D:Ashplant Z:id:hn-song-102 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=140 K:Dm C2 | C2 G3 G | A4 AA | A2 D2 E2 | F2 G4- | G4 A2 | A2 d2 d2 | d2 c2 A2 | A2 G2 A2 | c6- | c4 A2 | A2 d2 d2 | d2 c2 A2 | A2 D2 E2 | F2 G4- | G4 A2 | d3 c d2 | A2 G2 A2 | F3 D (EC) | D6- | D4 || W:Oh Johnnie, my man, do ye no think o' risin'? W:For the day is weel spent and the night's comin' on W:The siller's all done and the gill-stoup is empty W:So rise up, my Johnnie, and come awa' hame W: W:The bairnies at hame they are roarin' and greetin' W:Nae meal in the barrel to fill their wee wames W:While ye sit here drinkin', ye leave us lamentin' W:So, rise up, my Johnnie, and come awa' hame W: W:Wha's that at the door that are speakin' so kindly W:'Tis the voice of my wee wifie, Maggie by name W:Come in my dear lassie and sit doon beside me W:It's time enough yet for to gang awa' hame W: W:Oh Johnnie, my man, do ye no mind o' courtin'? W:Nae alehoose nor tavern it ran in oor minds. W:We'd spend the lang days 'mang the sweet scented roses W:An ne'er gied a thought upon goin' awa' hame W: W:'Tis well do I mind these times that ye speak o' W:But those days they are gone and will ne'er come again W:But as for the present, we'll try for to mend it W:So gie's your haund Maggie, and I'll awa' hame W: W:And Johnnie arose, and he banged the door open W:Sayin' "Cursed be the tavern that ere let me in W:And cursed be the whisky that made me aye thirsty W:So fare thee well, whisky, for I'm awa' hame
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