The Lakes of Pontchartrain

A song in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Lakes of Pontchartrain, The
X:2272 T:Lakes of Pontchartrain, The R:song Z:id:hn-song-100 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=130 K:D A,2 | D4 B2 | A4 B2 | (F2 E2 A2) | F4 E2 | D2 B,2 C2 | D4 C2 | D6- | D4 AA | A4 F2 | (A2 B2) c2 | d2 d4 | c4 B2 | A4 F2 | (F2 G2) A2 | B6- | B4 A2 | A4 F2 | (A2 B2) c2 | d6 | c4 B2 | A4 F2 | (F2 G2) A2 | B6- | B4 A2 | D4 B2 | A4 B2 | (F2 E2) A2 | F4 E2 | (D2 B,2) C2 | D4 C2 | D6- | D4 || W:'Twas on one bright March morning I bid New Orleans adieu W:And I took the road to Jackson town, my fortune to renew W:I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain W:Which filled my heart with longing for the Lakes of Pontchartain. W: W:I stepped on board a railroad car beneath the morning sun W:And I rode the roads till evening and I laid me down again W:All strangers there, no friends to me till a dark girl towards me came W:And I fell in love with a Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain. W: W:I said "My pretty Creole girl, my money here's no good W:If it weren't for the alligators I'd sleep out in the wood" W:"You're welcome here kind stranger, our house it is very plain W:But we never turn a stranger out by the Lakes of Pontchartrain." W: W:She took me to her mammy's house and she treated me right well W:The hair upon her shoulders in jet black ringlets fell W:To try and paint her beauty I'm sure it would be in vain W:So handsome was my Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain. W: W:I asked her if she'd marry me, she'd said that could never be W:For she had got another and he was far at sea W:She said that she would wait for him and true she would remain W:Till he returned for his Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain. W: W:So fare thee well my bonny wee girl, I never shall see you more W:But I'll ne'er forget your kindness in the cottage by the shore W:And at each social gathering a flowing glass I'll raise W:And I'll drink a health to my Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain.
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