The Banks of Sullane

A song in the key of Ddor

See also The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, air#25
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Abc sheet music for Banks of Sullane, The
X:2265 T:Banks of Sullane, The R:song H:See also The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, air#25 Z:id:hn-song-93 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:Ddor DE | F2 c2 DD | E2 D2 E2 | D2 C4- | C4 CD | E2 D2 A,2 | C2 D2 C2 | D6- | D4 DE | F2 c2 D2 | E2 D2 E2 | D2 C4- | C4 (CD) | E2 D2 A,2 | C2 D2 C2 | D6- | D4 DE | F2 G2 A2 | c2 d2 e2 | d2 c4- | c4 DE | F2 G2 A2 | c2 d2 e2 | d6- | d4 fe | d2 c2 GG | A2 D2 E2 | D2 C4- | C4 (CD) | E2 D2 A,2 | C2 D2 C2 | D6- | D4 || W:It was early on a bright summer's morning, as I strayed by the banks of Sullane W:For to gaze on the beauties of nature, as grace every woodland and lawn W:Oh the prospect was surely enchanting, as gay lassies in juvenile bloom W:Promenaded by the banks of that river, that flows by the town of Macroom W: W:I being airy and fond of recreation, to the river I ventured to rove W:'Til weary of my ramblings and rovings, I sat myself down by a grove W:I sat there a while meditating, 'til the sun her bright rays had withdrawn W:And a damsel of queenly appearance, came down by the banks of Sullane W: W:I arose with great joy and emotion, and accosted this damsel so fair W:She appeared unto me like Venus, all adorned with jewels most rare W:Were I ruler of France or of Prussia, it's with me you'd soon wear the crown W:And I'd join you in wedlock my darling, you're the beauty of sweet Massey town W: W:We walked and we talked on together, inhaling the sweet pleasant air W:Until in a voice most alarmed, she said: "See my father goes there" W:His presence to me was appalling, with his cross angry looks and his frown W:Which pierced through my heart like an arrow, on my way back to sweet Massey town W: W:And its now I've retired from my roving, with a heart full of sorrow and grief W:There is no one on earth can console me, or give me one moment's relief W:I will roam through the African Desert, until death summons me to my tomb W:For the sake of that charming fair Helen, that I met near the town of Macroom
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