Spancil Hill

A song in the key of Ddor

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Abc sheet music for Spancil Hill
X:2254 T:Spancil Hill R:song C:Michael Considine (~1850-1873) Z:id:hn-song-82 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 K:Ddor A2 | A4 D2 | A4 A2 | (G4 ED) | C4 D2 | (E2G2)A2 | D4 C2 | D6- | D4 A2 | A4 d2 | d4 e2 | d4 c2 | A4 B2 | c4 d2 | (c2B2)A2 | G6- | G4 A2 | A4 d2 | d4 e2 | d4 c2 | A4 B2 | c4 d2 | (c2B2)A2 | G6- | G4 (cB) | A4 D2 | A4 A2 | G4 (ED) | C4 D2 | (E2G2)A2 | D4 C2 | D6- | D4 || W:Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by W:My mind being bent on rambling to Ireland I did fly W:I stepped on board a vision and I followed with my will W:Til next I came to anchor at the cross in Spancil Hill W: W:Delighted by the novelty, enchanted by the scene. W:Where in me early boyhood so often I had been. W:I thought I heard a murmur, and I think I hear it still. W:It's the little stream of water that flows down Spancil Hill. W: W:It being the twenty-third of June the day before the fair W:When Ireland's sons and daughters in crowds assembled there W:The young and the old, the brave and the bold their duty to fulfil W:At the parish church in Clooney, a mile from Spancil Hill W: W:I went to see my neighbours to hear what they might say W:The old ones were all dead and gone and the young ones turning grey W:I met with tailor Quigley, he's bold as ever still W:Sure he used to make my britches when I lived in Spancil Hill W: W:I paid a flying visit to my first and only love W:She's as fair as any lily and as gentle as a dove W:She threw her arms around me saying "Johnny I love you still!" W:Oh she's Ned the farmer's daughter and the flower of Spancil Hill W: W:I dreamt I held and kissed her as in the days of yore W:She said, "Johnny you're only joking like many's the time before" W:The cock he crew in the morning, he crew both loud and shrill W:And I awoke in California, many miles from Spancil Hill.
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