Arthur McBride

A song in the key of F

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Abc sheet music for Arthur McBride
X:2253 T:Arthur McBride R:song Z:id:hn-song-81 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=160 K:F F2 | F3 G F2 | F2 C2 D2 | F2 G2 F2 | A4 cc | d2 c2 B2 | A2 (B2 A2) | G3 A(GF) | D4 F2 | F2 G2 F2 | F2 C2 D2 | F2 G2 F2| A4 c2 | c2 B2 A2 | G2 A2 c2 | (d3 e d2) | c4 || A2 | c4 c2 | A2 B2 c2 | d2 c2 B2| c4 A2 | B2 c2 B2 | A2 G2 F2 | G3 A (GF) | D4 F2 | F2 G2 F2 | F2 C2 D2 | F2 G2 F2 | A4 cc | c3 B A2 | G2 D2 E2 | F2 F4- | F4 || W:I had a first cousin called Arthur McBride W:He and I took a stroll down by the seaside W:A-seeking good fortune and what might betide W:'Twas just as the day was a-dawning W:And after resting we both took a tramp W:We met Seargeant Harper and Corporal Cramp W:Besides the wee drummer who beat up our camp W:With his rowdy-dow-dow in the morning. W: W:He says: "My young fellows if you will enlist W:a guinea you quickly will have in your fist W:and likewise a crown for to kick up the dust W:and drink the king's health in the morning W:For a soldier he leads a very fine life W:And he always is blessed with a charming young wife W:And he pays all his debts without sorrow or strife W:And always lives pleasant and charming." W: W:"A soldier he always is decent and clean, W:In the finest of clothing he's constantly seen, W:While other poor fellows go dirty and mean W:And sup on thin gruel in the morning." W:Says Arthur: "I wouldn't be proud of your clothes, W:for you've only the lend of them as I suppose, W:and you dare not change them one night, for you know, W:if you do you'll be flogged in the morning." W: W:"Although we are single and free W:we take great delight in our own company, W:and we have no desire strange countries to see, W:although that your offer is charming. W:But had we been such fools as to take the advance W:The wee bit of money we'd have to run chance W:For you'd think it no scruples for to send us to France W:Where we would be killed in the morning." W: W:He says: "My young fellows if I hear but one word W:I instantly now will out with my sword W:and into your bodies as strength might afford W:so now my gay devils take warning." W:But Arthur and I we soon took the odds W:And we gave them no chance for to launch out their swords W:Our whacking shillelaghs came over their heads W:And paid them right smart in the morning. W: W:As for the wee drummer we rifled his pouch W:and we made a football of his rowdy-dow-dow W:and into the ocean for to rock and to roll W:And bade it a tedious returning W:As for the old rapier that hung by his side W:We flung as far as we could in the tide W:To the divil I pitch you says Arthur McBride W:To temper your steel in the morning.
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