Hot Asphalt

A song in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Hot Asphalt
X:2252 T:Hot Asphalt R:song Z:id:hn-song-80 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=120 K:Em G2F | E2F G2F | E2D B,2D | G2A (BA)G | A3 B2d | e2d B2A | G2E (F2E) | D2D D2E | F3- F2 F | E2F G2F | E2D B,2D | G2A B2G | A3 B2d | e2d B2A | G2E F2D | E3 E3 | E3 B3 | d2d d2d | d2B G2B | d2d d2B | d3 B2d | e2d B2A | G2E F2E | D2D D2E | F3 (G2F) | E2F G2F | E2D B,2D | G2A B2G | A3 B2d | e2d B2A | G2E F2D | E3 E3 | E3 || B2c | d2d d2d | d2B G2B | d2d d2B | d3 Bcd | e2d B2A | G2E F2E | D2D D2E | F3 (G2F) | EEF G2F | E2D (B,2D) | G2A B2G | A3 B2d | e2d B2A | G2E F2D | E3 E3 E3 || W:Well, good evening all my jolly lads, I'm glad to see you well, W:If you gather all around me a story I will tell, W:I've got a situation and I've got a handy job, W:I can tell you I've a weekly wage of nineteen bob. W:'Tis twelve months come October since I left my native home, W:After working in Killarney for to cut the harvest down, W:And now I wear a Guernsey and around my waist a belt, W:I'm the gaffer of the squad that lays the hot asphalt. W: W:Chorus: W:Oh! We laid it in the harbour and we laid it in the flat, W:And if it doesn't last forever, well I'll surely eat my hat. W:I've travelled the wide world over and never have I felt W:Any surface that is equal to the hot asphalt. W: W:The other day a policeman comes and says to me "McGuire, W:Won't you kindly let me light me pipe down by your boiler fire?" W:He stands there right in front of me with coat-tails up so neat, W:"Ah", says I: "My decent man! You'd better go and mind your beat." W:"Ah, well" says he: "I'm down on you! I'm up to all your pranks! W:For I know you for a traitor from the Tipperary ranks!" W:I hit him from the shoulder, and I gave him such a belt, W:That he landed in the boiler full of hot asphalt. W: W:Chorus W: W:Well we quickly pulled him out again and threw him in a tub, W:And with soap and boiling water we began to rub and scrub. W:But devil a bit of tar came off and it turned as hard as stone, W:And with every rub we gave him you could hear that copper groan. W:With the rubbing and the scrubbing sure he caught his death of cold, W:And for scientific purposes his body it was sold. W:In the Kelvingrove Museum now he's hanging by the belt, W:As a monument to the Irish laying hot asphalt. W: W:Chorus
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