The Foggy Dew

A song in the key of Bm

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Abc sheet music for Foggy Dew, The
X:2240 T:Foggy Dew, The R:song C:Canon Charles O'Neill (1887-1963) Z:id:hn-song-68 M:C L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Bm (FA) | B2(AF) B2(AF) | E2F2 A,2B,C | (DF)(ED) B,2(B,A,) | B,6 (FA) | B2(AF) B2(AF) | E2F2 A,2(B,C) | (DF)ED B,2(B,A,) | B,6 (B,C) | D3F A2(GF) | E2E2 F2(DE) | F2(dc) (BA)(FA) | B6 FA | B2AF B2AF | E2F2 A,2(B,C) | (DF)ED B,2B,A, | B,6 || W:As down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I W:There armed lines of marching men in squadrons did pass me by W:No fife did hum nor battle drum did sound its dread tattoo W:But the angelus bell o'er the Liffey swell rang out through the foggy dew. W: W:Right proudly high over Dublin town they hung out the flag of war W:'Twas better to die 'neath an Irish sky than at Suvla or Sud El Bar W:And from the plains of royal Meath strong men came hurrying through W:While Britannia's huns, with their long range guns sailed in through the foggy dew W: W:'Twas England bade our wild geese go that small nations might be free W:But their lonely graves are by Suvla's waves or the shores of the great North Sea W:Oh, had they died by Pearse's side or fought with Cathal Brugha W:Their names we'd keep where the fenians sleep 'neath the shroud of the foggy dew W: W:But the bravest fell, and the requiem bell rang mournfully and clear W:For those who died that Eastertide in the spring time of the year W:And the world did gaze in deep amaze, at those fearless men, but few W:Who bore the fight that freedom's light might shine through the foggy dew W: W:As back through the glen I rode again and my heart with grief was sore W:For I parted then with valiant men whom I never shall see more W:But to and fro in my dreams I go and I kneel and pray for you, W:For slavery fled, Oh glorious dead, when you fell in the foggy dew.
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