The Recruiting Sergeant

A song in the key of Edor

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Also slide#74
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Abc sheet music for Recruiting Sergeant, The
X:2234 T:Recruiting Sergeant, The R:song H:Also slide#74 D:Pogues Z:id:hn-song-62 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=120 K:Edor F | G2E F2D | E2F G2A | B2B A2G | F2D D EF | G2E FED | E2F G2A | B2d c2A | B2E E || Bc | d2B c2A | B2e e2c | d2B A2G | F2D D2 F | G2E F2D | E2F G2A | B2d c2A | B2E E2 || W:As I was walking down the street a-feeling fine and larky oh, W:a recruiting sergeant came up to me, says you'd look fine in khaki oh. W:For the king he is in need of men, come read this proclamation oh. W:A life for you in Flanders then, would be a fine vacation oh. W: W:That may be so, says I to him, but tell me sergeant dearie oh. W:If I had a pack stuck upon me back, would I look fine and cheerie oh? W:For they'd have you train and drill until they had you one of Frenchies oh. W:It may be warm in Flanders, but it's draughty in the trenches oh! W: W:The sergeant smiled and winked his eye, his smile was most provoking oh. W:He twiddled and twirled his wee moustache, says he, you're only joking oh! W:For the sandbags are so warm and high, The wind you won't feel blowing oh! W:I winked at a colleen passing by, says I, so what if it's snowing oh? W: W:Come rain or hail or wind or snow, I'm not going out to Flanders oh! W:There's fighting in Dublin to be done. Let your sergeants and your commanders go. W:Let Englishmen fight English wars, It's nearly time they started oh! W:I saluted the sergeant a very good night, and there and then we parted oh!
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