Molly Brannigan

A song in the key of G

First part more free rhythm See also reel#150
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Abc sheet music for Molly Brannigan
X:2232 T:Molly Brannigan T:Pretty Molly Brannigan T:Purty Molly Brannigan R:song H:First part more free rhythm H:See also reel#150 D:Joe Holmes & Len Graham: Saints, Chaste Muses, Bards and Sages. D:Celtic Mouth Music (Colm O'Donnell) Z:id:hn-song-60 M:C| Q:1/4=100 K:G c2cc BBdB | AAAB AGEF | GGGE DEGB |[M:3/2] AAAB AGE2 z AAB |[M:C|] c2ec B2dB | AAAB AGEF | GGGE DEGB | A2AB G3 || Q:1/4=160 G | GABc dGBd | g2ge dBGB | c2ec B2dB | AAAB AGE2 | GABc d2Bd | g2ge dBGB | c2ec B2dB | AAAB G4 || W:Man did you ever hear of purty Molly Brannigan? W:She stole away my heart and I'll never be a man again. W:There's not a spot on my hide will another summer tan again, W:Since Molly's gone and left me all alone for to die. W:Dee idle diddley dootle [etc] W: W:There's a hole in my heart you could easy round a turnip in, W:As big as any pavin' stone from Dublin to the Divil's den. W:If she chose to take another sure she might have left mine back again, W:And not to leave me here all alone for to die. W:Dee howdle duddley dootle [etc] W: W:Man dear I remember when milkin' time was past and gone, W:We went into the meadows where she swore I was the only one W:That ever she could love, but, oh, she proved to be the cruel one W:And left me here lamentin' all alone for to die. W:Dee idle diddley dum dowtle [etc]
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