The Little Bag of Tailors

A song in the key of A

see also reel#109
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Abc sheet music for Little Bag of Tailors, The
X:2231 T:Little Bag of Tailors, The R:song H:see also reel#109 Z:id:hn-song-59 M:C| K:A E2EF ECA,A, | F2FE F2A2 | E2EF ECA,B | ccBA F2A2 :| cccA d2dB | cccA B2BB | ABcd ee2f | ecBA F2E2 | cccA d3B | cccA B2Bc | ABcd ee2f | ecBA F2E2 || W:|: Oh, won't you rattle me, and oh, won't you chase me, W:Oh, won't you rattle me, the little bag of tailors. :| W:I went up to Dublin, I met a little tailor, W:I put him in my pocket, for fear the dogs would eat him. W:The dogs began to bark, and I began a-wailin', W:I threw him in the Liffey, for fear the dogs would eat him.
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