Mairi's Wedding

A song in the key of G

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Abc sheet music for Mairi's Wedding
X:2217 T:Mairi's Wedding T:Marie's Wedding R:song H:Scottish Z:id:hn-song-45 M:2/4 L:1/8 K:G D>D DE | GA B2 | AG EG | BA B<d | D>D DE | GA B2 | AG EC | D2 D2 || d>d de | dc B2 | AG EG | BA B<d | d>d de | dc B2 | AG EC | D2 D2 || W:Chorus: W:Step we gaily on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe W:Arm in arm and row on row, All for Mairi's wedding. W: W:Over hillways up and down, myrtle green and bracken brown W:Past the shieling through the town, all for sake of Mairi. W: W:Chorus W: W:Red her cheeks as rowans are, bright her eye as any star W:Fairest of them all by far, is our darlin' Mairi. W: W:Chorus W: W:Plenty herring, plenty meal, plenty peat to fill her creel W:Plenty bonny bairns as weel, that's the toast for Mairi.
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