The Wee Weaver

A song in the key of Cmix

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Abc sheet music for Wee Weaver, The
X:2213 T:Wee Weaver, The R:song Z:id:hn-song-41 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=180 K:Cmix (C3DE2) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | B2 c4- | c4 (GE) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | E6 | (C3DE2) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | B2 c4- | c4 (GE) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | C6 | (G3A) B2 | c6 | (c3B) G2 | (AB) c4- | c4 E2 | (F2G4) | (F3E) C2 | E6 | (C3DE2) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | B2 c4- | c4 (GE) | (F4G2) | (F3E) C2 | C6 || W:I am a wee weaver confined to my loom W:And my love she is fairer than the red rose in bloom W:She is loved by all young men and that does grieve me W:There's a heart in my bosom, for lovely Mary. W: W:As Willie and Mary roved by yon shady bower W:Where Willie and Mary spent many's the happy hour W:Where the blackbirds and thrushes do concert and chorus W:The praises of Mary and love fair and sure W: W:As Mary and Willie roved by yon river side W:Says Willie to Mary: "Will you be my bride?" W:This couple got married and they rove no more W:They have pleasure and treasure, and love fair and sure
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