The Rollicking Boys around Tanderagee

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Rollicking Boys around Tanderagee, The
X:2208 T:Rollicking Boys around Tanderagee, The R:song Z:id:hn-song-36 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=80 K:Edor d | BBB E2E | BBB d2 B | AAA D2D | DFA d2 c | BBB EEE | BAB e2 e | edB AFD | EFE E2 || A | Bcd eee | fed e Bc | ddd dBA | ABc d AA | Bcd eee | fed e2 e | edB AFD | EFE E2 || d | BBB EEE | BBB d3 | AAA DDD | DFA d3 | BBB EEE | BAB eee | edB AFD | EFE E2 || W:Good luck to all here, now, barrin' the cat, W:that sits in the corner smellin' a rat. W:Boys, wheest your philanderin' now and behave, W:and savin' your favours I'll chant you a stave. W:I come from a land where the praties grow big, W:and the boys nice and handy can whirl in a jig, W:and the girls it would charm your heart for to see, W:the darlin' colleens around Tanderagee. W: W:Chorus: W:So here's to the boys that's so happy and gay, W:Singin' and dancin' and tearin' away, W:Rollicksome, frolicksome, frisky and free, W:We're the rollicking boys around Tanderagee. W: W:No doubt you have heard of Killarney, I'm sure, W:and sweet Inishowen for a drop of the pure. W:Dublin's a place for the strawberry bed, W:and Donnybrook fair for the breakin' of heads. W:Did you ever see an Irishman dancin' paltogue, W:as he faced up his partner and turned up his brogue. W:He twisted the buckle and bent at the knee, W:oh, they're wonderful dancers in Tanderagee. W: W:Chorus W: W:Now, show me the man either Christian or Turk, W:who could equal our brave Robbert Emmett or Burke, W:and show me the speaker could speak up like Dan, W:ach, divil another bad luck to the one, W:Oh show me the singer could sing like Tom Moore, W:his melodies charmed all care from our door, W:But we'll beat them all yet, and that you will see, W:for we're rare and fine boys around Tanderagee. W: W:Chorus W: W:His old jauntin' car was the elegant joult, W:and Derry's the place that is famed for her hoult, W:Among the green bushes that grow in Tyrone, W:and the County Fermanagh for muscle and bone. W:For courtin' and blarney and fun at the fair, W:there's no-one can equal the rakes of Kildare. W:Green Erin my country's the gem of the sea, W:but the gem of green Erin is Tanderagee. W: W:Chorus
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