The Ploughboy

A song in the key of A

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Abc sheet music for Ploughboy, The
X:2205 T:Ploughboy, The R:song Z:id:hn-song-33 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=120 K:A (A2F) | (E2C) B,2C | A,A,2-A,A,B, | C2E E2F | A3-A2 E | F2A B2c | B2A F2A | E2F (E2C) | B,6- | B,3 || (A2F) | E2C B,2C | A,2A, A,2B, | (C2E) E2F | A3-A2 E | F2A B2c | (B2A) (F2A) | (E2F) E2C | B,6- | B,3 || (CD)E | F2B A2F | EC2 B,2C | A,3 A,3- | A,3 || W:I once was a ploughboy, but a soldier I am now, W:I courted lovely Molly, a milkmaid I vow, W:I courted lovely Molly, I'd delight in her charms, W:For many's the long night I rolled in her arms. W:With me rantinooran addie fol de dido. W: W:Now, adieu lovely Molly, I now must away, W:There's great honour and promotion in crossin' the sea, W:And if ever I return it will be in the spring, W:When the lark and the linnet and the nightingale sing. W:With me rantinooran addie fol de dido. W: W:I will build my love a castle at the head of the town, W:Where neither lord, duke or earl will e'er pull it down, W:And if anybody asks you where you are from, W:You can tell them you're a stranger from the county Tyrone. W:With me rantinooran addie fol de dido. W: W:Now you may go to all the markets the gatherings and fairs W:You can go to church on Sunday and choose your love there W:And if anybody loves you as well as I do W:I'll not try to stop your wedddin' love, so fare thee well adieu W:With me rantinooran addie fol de dido. W: W:She sent to me a posie of the red rose so fine, W:I sent her another it was rue mixed with thyme, W:Sayin' you can keep your red rose and I will keep my thyme, W:And you can drink to your true love and I will drink to mine. W:With me rantinooran addie fol de dido.
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