Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie

A song in the key of G

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Abc sheet music for Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie
X:2204 T:Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie T:How Can I Live On the Top of a Mountain R:song Z:id:hn-song-32 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:G D4 (E2{FE}) (DB,) | (D3E) G2 AB | c3B (A2{BA}) GA | BD3- D2 GF | (E3F) (E{FE}D) (D{ED}B,) | (D3E) G4- | G2AB cc3 | d3 ({BA}G) A3{BA}G | G6 B2 | c3c e (c2{dc}B) | B B3 d2 (Bd) | c3B (A2{BA}) GA | BD3- D2 GF | (E3F) (E{FE}D) (D{ED}B,) | (D3E) G4- | G2AB cc3 | d3 ({BA}G) A3{BA}G | G8 || W:How can I live on the top of a mountain, W:without gold in my pockets or the money for the counting, W:But I would let the money go, all for to please her fancy, W:For I will have no-one but my bonny blue eyed lassie. W: W:My bonnie blue eyed lassie with her fair heart so tender, W:Her red rosy cheeks, and her waist so neat and slender, W:I'd roll her in my arms, and fondly I'd embrace her, W:But how can I love her, when all my people hate her. W: W:Some say that she is so very low in station, W:And more say that she'll be the cause of my ruination, W:But let them all say as they will, to her I will prove constant still, W:To the day that I die she'll be my darling girl, believe me. W: W:Softly swim the swans o'er the broad streams of Youghal, W:And lightly sings the nightingale all for to behold her, W:In cold frost and snow they know, it shines so brightly, W:But deeper by far between me and my true lover.
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