The Cot in the Corner

A song in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Cot in the Corner, The
X:2202 T:Cot in the Corner, The R:song D:Shaskeen Z:id:hn-song-30 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=160 K:Dmix (A,B,) | D (D3E2) | (F3{GF}E) D2 | G2 G2 A2 | B4 d d | (d3{ed}c) A2 | G2 F2 G2 | A3 F D2 | C4 A, B, | D2 D2 E2 | F2 ({EF}E2) D2 | G3 G A2 | B4 d d | d2 ({cd}c2) A2 | G2 ({FG}F2) D2 | D2 D4- | D4 d d | d3 c B2 | c2 ({Bc}B2) A2 | B2 A G3 | A4 d d | d2 ({cd}c2) A2 | G2 F2 G2 | A2 ({FG}F2) D2 | C4 A, B, | D3 D E2 | F2 ({EF}E2) D2 | G2 G2 A2 | B4 d d | d2 ({cd}c2) A2 | ({GA}G2) F2 D2 | D2 D4- | D4 || W:Oh wirra aroon, how sad is our lot, W:since the landlord turned us out of our cot, W:and to us in this wide world the happiest spot, W:on the hillside alone in the corner. W:It was covered all over with bright yellow straw, W:and the walls were as white as the snowflake so braw. W:Sure, 'twould make a fine picture for painters to draw, W:from the boreen outside on the corner. W: W:It was handsome outside, it was pretty within. W:The shelf shone like silver, the plates made of tin W:cast a handsome reflection when the sunbeam shone in, W:through the window above in the corner. W:Each night by the fireside my mother would knit, W:and close by her side my father would sit, W:and the stories he'd tell when his doodeen was lit, W:and he smoking away in the corner. W: W:When supper was over the neighbours came in. W:Each sat by the turf fire and roasted his shins, W:while the boys and the girls they thought it no sin, W:for to laugh and to chat in the corner. W:When Jimmy the piper stepped in on the floor, W:the boys and the girls all rushed to the door, W:and 'twas out to the barn they brought him I'm sure, W:and thatched him right up in the corner. W: W:Those days are now gone, those times have passed by. W:From morning to night I heave many's the sigh, W:and my thoughts back again to old Erin do fly, W:and that dear little cot in the corner. W:Oh, father and mother I'll ne'er see you more, W:for between you and me the the Atlantic does roar. W:and I hope that we'll all meet in heaven, a st\'oir. W:Farewell to the cot in the corner.
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