The Mountain Streams

A song in the key of Ador

Slow, free rhythm
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Abc sheet music for Mountain Streams, The
X:2201 T:Mountain Streams, The R:song H:Slow, free rhythm D:De Danann I (Dolores Keane) Z:id:hn-song-29 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Ador c (c{dcA}G) | A2 (A2{BA}G2) | (E3{FE}D) C A, | (C3D)E2 | (G3{AG}ED2) | HE4 (d{ed}c) | (A3{BA}G) (E{FE}D) | (C3EG2) | E4 (D{ED}C) | A, A, HA,2 (c{dcA}G) | (A4{BA}G2) | (E3{FE}D) (CA,) | (C3D)E2 | (G4{AG}ED) | HE4 d d/{ed}c/ | (A3{BA}G) E D | C3 (EG2) | E4 (D{ED}C) | A, A, HA,2 || E2 | (A3{BA}G) E2 | A4 ^c d | (e4{fe}d2) | ^c2{d^c}A2 B2 | A{BA}G HE2 D2 | ({D}E3) A ({B}c2) | (B2{cB}A2) ^c d | (e4{fe}d2) | (^c{d^c}A4B) | HA4 || (EF) | (GA2{BA}G) E2 | (G3{AG}ED2) | (E3{FE}D) C A, | C3 D E2 | (G3{AG}ED2) | E4 (d{ed}c) | (A3{BA}G) (E{FE}D) | (C3EG2) | E4 (D{ED}C) | A, A, HA,2 || W:With my dog and gun through the blooming heather, W:To seek for pastime I took my way, W:Where I spied a lovely fair maid, W:And her charms invited me a while to stay. W:I said: My dear, you will find that I love you, W:Tell me your dwelling, and your name also. W:Excuse my name, and you'll find my dwelling near W:The mountain streams where the moorcocks crow. W: W:I said: My dear, if you'll wed a rover, W:My former raking I will leave aside. W:Here is my hand, and I'll pledge my honour, W:And if you'll prove constant, I'll make you my bride. W:But if my parents knew that I loved a rover, W:Great afflictions I would undergo, W:So I'll stay at home for another season near W:The mountain streams where the moorcocks crow. W: W:Farewell thee darling for another season, W:I hope we'll meet again in yon moorland vale. W:And when we meet, we'll embrace each other. W:I will pay attention to your lovesick tale. W:Then it's hand in hand we'll join together, W:And I will take you to yon harbour low, W:Where the linnet sings her note so pleasing near W:The mountain streams where the moorcocks crow.
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