The Banks of Avonmore

A song in the key of Bmix

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Slow, free rhythm
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Abc sheet music for Banks of Avonmore, The
X:2200 T:Banks of Avonmore, The R:song H:Slow, free rhythm Z:id:hn-song-28 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=140 K:Bmix F2 | E4 ^D2 | E4 F2 | B4 c2 | (B{cB}A2) (F{GF}E) F | E3 ^D3 | B,4 A,2 | HB,4 F2 | B4 c2 | =d4 c2 | B4 A2 | ({FG}F4) E2 | ^D2 B,4 | ^D4 E2 | HF4 F2 | B4 c2 | =d4 c2 | B4 A2 | ({FG}F4) E2 | ^D2 B,4 | ^D4 E2 | (F{GF}HE3) EF | E4 ^D2 | E4 F2 | B4 c2 | (B{cB}A2) (F{GF}E) F | E3 ^D3 | B,4 A,2 | HB,4 || W:The silvery moon was shining bright over Clara's woodland green. W:A tender youth was standing where his own true love had been. W:The teardrops from her throbbing eyes across his cheeks streamed o'er, W:for they met at night to say goodbye by the banks of Avonmore. W: W:'Twas not the rustling of the leaves on the branches wild and weird, W:'twas not the sighing western wind that crept through Clara dale, W:that made her tender heart mourn for the boy she did adore, W:for she knew right well he'd ne'er return to the banks of Avonmore. W: W:Well he clasped her close unto his breast and he murmured sweet and true: W:Tonight my ship sails for the West but my love I leave with you, W:and I will pray both night and day, though on a foreign shore, W:for to keep your love far, far away, on the banks of Avonmore. W: W:Now the scene has changed, and England's sons at Flanders stand at bay. W:mid crushing steel and thundering guns their allied ranks gave way W:from the USA a proud convoy sped quickly to the fore W:and in their ranks a Wicklow boy from the banks of Avonmore. W: W:Across the shell-torn fields of France the Prussian lines gave way. W:They tried to quell the wild advance of the exile sons of Erin. W:Victorious true but deadly few the stars and stripes shone over, W:but her true love fell far, far away from the banks of Avonmore. W: W:Now a few short years have come and gone, and again the moon shines clear, W:No more this fair maid walks alone to shed a silent tear, W:but faithful to her soldier boy they've met to part no more W:in a brighter land far, far from the banks of Avonmore.
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