The May Morning Dew

A song in the key of Edor

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Slow, free rhythm
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Abc sheet music for May Morning Dew, The
X:2199 T:May Morning Dew, The R:song H:Slow, free rhythm Z:id:hn-song-27 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:Edor E2 | E B3 Bc | d B3 Bd | F2 E2 D2 | E4 ef | g3 feg | f B3 BA | B e3 ef | e4 ef | g3 feg | fe d2 ef | e3 d B/A/G | A4 ^GA | B e3 ce | d B3 Bd | F2 E2 D2 | E4 || W:How pleasant in winter to sit by the hob W:listening to the barks and the howls of a dog W:Or in summer to wander the wide valleys through W:And to pluck the wild flowers in the May morning dew. W: W:Oh, Summer is coming, Oh, Summer is here W:With the leaves on the trees and the skies blue and clear W:And the small birds are singing their fond notes so true W:And the flowers they are springing in the May morning dew. W: W:The house I was reared in is but a stone on a stone W:And all round the garden wild thistles have grown W:And all the fine neighbours that ever I knew W:Like the red rose they withered in the May morning dew. W: W:God be with the old folks, who are all dead and gone W:And likewise my two brothers, young Denis and John W:As we ran through the heather, the wild hare to pursue W:As their joys they were mingled in the May morning dew
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