Thousands Are Sailing

A song in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Thousands Are Sailing
X:2197 T:Thousands Are Sailing R:song Z:id:hn-song-25 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 K:Dmix (FG) | A2 d2 (dc) | A2 A2 (GA) | F2 D2 C2 | D4 (FE) | D3 E G2 | A2 d2 (^cd) | e2 c3 B | A4 (FE) | D3 E G2 | A2 d2 (^cd) | e2 c3 B | A4 d2 | d2 A2 (AF) | G2 A2 AG | E2 D2 C2 | D4 || W:You brave Irish heroes, where'er you may be, W:I pray stand a moment and listen to me. W:Your sons and fair daughters are now going away, W:And thousands are sailing to Amerikay. W: W:So good luck to those people and safe may they land. W:They're leaving their country for a far distant strand. W:They're leaving old Ireland no longer can stay, W:And thousands are sailing to Amerikay. W: W:On the night before leaving, they are bidding goodbye, W:And early next morning their hearts give a sigh. W:They do kiss their mothers and then they will say: W:"Farewell, dear old Father. We must now go away." W: W:Their friends all do gather and the neighbours also. W:When their trunks are all packed up and ready to go, W:and the tears from their eyes they fall down like the rain, W:when the horses are leaving all to part for the train. W: W:When they reach the station you'll hear their last cry, W:their handkerchiefs waving and bidding good-bye, W:and the parents will tell them be sure for to write, W:and they all watch the train till it goes out of sight. W: W:When they reach the steamer just leaving the strand W:They give one last good look at their own native land W:and their hearts they are breaking for leaving the shore W:and good-bye dear old Ireland shall I ne'er see you more. W: W:I pity the mother who reared up a child W:And likewise the father who labours and toils W:He tries to support them, he works night and day W:And when they are reared up sure they will go away. W: W:Well good luck to those heroes and safe may they land. W:They are leaving their homes for a far distant strand W:and here in old Ireland no longer can stay W:and thousands they are sailing to Amerikay.
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