Van Diemen's Land

A song in the key of Edor

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Van Diemen's Land
slow, free rhythm
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Abc sheet music for Van Diemen's Land
X:2193 T:Van Diemen's Land R:song H:slow, free rhythm Z:id:hn-song-21 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Edor (B,D) | E4 E2 | {A}B4 (AB) | (A3{BA} F E2) | D4 (DE) | (F3{GF} E) ((3FAB) | A2 (A2{BA} F2) | HE4 (B,D) | E2 E4 | ({d}e4) de | (d3{ed} B) A2 | G4 GA | (B3{cB} A) ((3Bde) | d2 (d2{ed} B2) | HA4 A2 | A4 A2 | ({d}e4) (de) | (d3{ed} B A2) | G4 (GA) | (B d3) B2 | (A3{BA} G) E2 | HD4 B,D | E E3-E2 | ({A}B4) (AB) | (A3{BA} F) E2 | D4 (DE) | (F3{GF} E) ((3FAB) | A2 (A2{BA} F2) | HE4 || W:Come all you gallant poachers who wander void of care, W:Who wander out on a moonlit night with your dog, your gun and snare, W:The hare and lofty pheasant you have at your command, W:Never thinking of a long career upon Van Diemen's land. W: W:Young Thomas Brown from Nenagh town, Jack Murphy and poor Joe, W:Where three determined poachers, the county well does know, W:By the keeper of the land, one night, the three they were trepanned, W:And for fourteen years transported unto Van Diemen's Land. W: W:The first day that we landed upon that fatal shore, W:The planters gathered around us, they might be twenty score, W:They ranked us off like horses and sold us out of hand, W:And they yoked us to the plough, me boys, to plough Van Diemen's Land. W: W:The cottages we live in, they are built with sods and mud, W:We have rotten straw for bedding but we dare not say a word, W:Out hearts are filled with fire and we slumber when we can, W:But awaken broken hearted, all in Van Diemen's Land W: W:Oft times when I lay sleeping, I have a pleasant dream W:I think I'm home in Ireland, down by a pleasant stream W:Strolling in the evening with my true love by the hand W:But awaken broken hearted, all in Van Diemen's Land W: W:Oh, if I had a thousand pounds today, all laid out in my hand W:I'd give it all for liberty if it I could command W:Once more to Ireland I'd return and I'd be a happy man W:And I'd bid farewell to poaching likewise to Van Diemen's Land
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