Ramblin' Irishman

A song in the key of Dmix

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see also #9
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Abc sheet music for Ramblin' Irishman
X:2182 T:Ramblin' Irishman R:song H:see also #9 D:Packie Byrne Z:id:hn-song-10 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=85 K:Dmix (FG) | A2A FED | c2c EFG | A>GE D2D | D3 z2 || A | d>dd (dA)B | c3 BAG | FA2 d2F | G3 z2 || A | d2d dAB | c3 BAG | FFA ddF | G3 z || FG | A2A FED | (cB)c EFG | A>GE D2D | D3 z2 || W:I am a ramblin' Irishman W:and I've travelled this wide world o'er W:in search of an occupation W:like so many done before. W:I formed a resolution W:and I thought it a very good plan W:for to take a trip to Amerikay W:as a rambling Irishman. W: W:When I landed in Philadelphia W:the girls all jumped for joy. W:And one says to the other W:"There goes an Irish boy." W:They invited me for to dance with them W:and they took me by the hand W:And the toast went merrily round the room W:"Long life to the Irishman!" W: W:They took me to a big hotel W:with them to spend the night. W:The landlady's only daughter W:in me took great delight. W:She never took her eyes off me W:as on the floor I stand. W:And she whispers to her mother W:"I'm in love with that Irishman." W: W:Oh daughter dear, oh daughter, W:what is this you are going to do? W:To fall in love with an Irishman, W:a man you never knew, W:with a knapsack on his shoulder W:and shillelagh in his hand. W:Ah but mother dear I would roam the whole world W:with that ramblin' Irishman. W: W:And now that we are married W:and we're settled down in life. W:The landlady's only daughter W:she is my wedded wife. W:I'll toil for her and I'll labour for her W:and I'll do the best I can, W:and she'll never say she rued the day W:that she married an Irishman.
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