Bantry Girl's Lament

A song in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Bantry Girl's Lament
X:2180 T:Bantry Girl's Lament R:song Z:id:hn-song-8 M:2/4 L:1/16 Q:1/4=52 K:D (DE) | F3F F2(ED) | FA3-A3B | A3A A2 ((3FED) | E6 DE | F3F F2(ED) | FA3-A3B | (AF)(ED) E3D | D6 (AB) | d3d d2(BA) | Bd3-d3B | A3A A2 ((3FED) | E6 (DE) | F3F F2(ED) | FA3-A2AB | (AF)(ED) E3D | D6 || W:Oh, who will plough the fields now, and who will sow the corn? W:And who will watch the sheep now, and keep them neatly shorn? W:The stack that's in the haggard, unthreshed it will remain W:Since Johnny, lovely Johnny went to fight the king of Spain W: W:Oh, the girls of the Ban\'og in sorrow may retire W:And the piper and his bellows may go home and blow the fire W:Since Johnny, lovely Johnny went sailing o'er the main W:Along with other patriots to fight the king of Spain W: W:The boys will sorely miss him when Moneymore comes round W:And grieve when their bold captain is nowhere to be found W:And the peelers may stand idle against their will and grain W:Since the valiant boy who gave them work now peels the king of Spain W: W:At wakes and hurling matches your like we'll never see W:'Till you come back again to us, a stoir\'in \'og mo chro\'i W:And won't you trounce the buckeens, who show us much disdain W:Because our eyes are not so bright as those you'll see in Spain W: W:Oh, if cruel fate should not permit our Johnny to return W:His awful loss we Bantry girls will never cease to mourn W:We'll resign ourselves to our sad lot and live in grief and pain W:Since Johnny died for Ireland's pride in the foreign land of Spain
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