Lough Erne Shore

A song in the key of Dm

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Abc sheet music for Lough Erne Shore
X:2178 T:Lough Erne Shore R:song Z:id:hn-song-6 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=130 K:Dm (A,C) | D2 D2 F2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | F2 G2 A2 | c2 (dc) A2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | C4 A,C | D2 D2 F2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | F2 G2 A2 | c2 (dc) A2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | D4 || (Ac) | d2 d2 (cA) | c2 d2 (FA) | G2 F2 A2 | c2 (dc) A2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | C4 (A,C) | D2 D2 F2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | F2 G2 A2 | c2 (dc) A2 | (GA) (GF) D2 | D4 || W:One morning as I went a-fowling W:Bright Phoebus adorned the plain. W:It was down by the shores of Lough Erne W:I met with this wonderful dame. W:Her voice was so sweet and so pleasing W:These beautiful notes she did sing. W:The innocent fowl of the forest W:Their love unto her they did bring. W: W:It being the first time I saw her W:My heart it did lep with surprise. W:I thought that she could be no mortal W:But an angel that fell from the skies. W:Her hair it resembled gold tresses. W:Her skin was as white as the snow. W:Her cheeks were as red as the roses W:That bloom around Lough Erne's shore. W: W:When I found that my love was eloping W:These words unto her I did say: W:"Oh, take me to your habitation W:For Cupid has led me astray." W:"Forever I'll keep the commandments. W:They say that it is the best plan. W:Fair maids who do yield to men's pleasures W:The scripture does say they are wrong." W: W:"Oh, Mary don't accuse me of weakness, W:For treachery I do disown. W:I will make you a lady of honour W:If with me this night you'll come home. W:Oh, had I the lamp of great Aladdin, W:His rings and his genie what's more. W:I would part with them all for to gain you W:And live upon Lough Erne's shore."
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