My Lagan Love

A song in the key of Amix

Joseph Campbell AKA Seosamh MacCathmhaoil AKA Joseph McCahill
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Abc sheet music for My Lagan Love
X:2177 T:My Lagan Love T:Lagan Streams R:song C:lyrics by Joseph Campbell (1879-1944) H:Joseph Campbell AKA Seosamh MacCathmhaoil AKA Joseph McCahill Z:id:hn-song-5 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 K:Amix (EF) | (G3 F) G2 | A4 E2 | (E3 D) C2 | (A, G,3) A,2 | C4 C2 | (DC A,2) G,2 | A,6- | A,4 || (EF) | (G3 F G2) | A4 E2 | (E2 D2) C2 | (A,2 G,2) A,2 | C4 C2 | (DC A,2) G,2 | A,6- | A,3 || A, CD | F E3 ((3ED)=C | D4 (FG) | A4 D2 | (F3 E F2 | ^G4) A2 | A6 || =c2 A2 G2 | A4 E2 | (E2 D2) C2 | A,2 G,2 A,2 | C4 C2 | (DC A,2) G,2 | A,6- | A,4 || W:Where Lagan streams sing lullabies W:There grows a lily fair W:The twilight is in her eye W:The night is on her hair W:And like a lovesick lennashee W:She has my heart in thrall W:No life have I nor liberty W:For love is lord of all. W: W:Her father sails a running-barge W:'Twixt Leamh-beag and The Druim, W:And on the lonely river-marge W:She clears his hearth for him. W:When she was only fairy-high W:Her gentle mother died, W:But dew-love keeps her memory W:Green on the Lagan side. W: W:And often when the beetle's horn W:Has lulled this eve to sleep W:I'll steal into her shieling lorn W:And through the doorway creep. W:There on the cricket's singing stone, W:She makes the bogwood fire, W:And hums in soft sweet undertone W:The songs of heart's desire W: W:Her welcome, like her love for me, W:Is from her heart within: W:Her warm kiss is felicity W:That knows no taint of sin. W:And, when I stir my foot to go, W:'Tis leaving love and light W:To feel the wind of longing blow W:From out the dark of night.
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