Hare's Lament

A song in the key of Edor

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Slow, free rhythm
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Abc sheet music for Hare's Lament
X:2175 T:Hare's Lament R:song H:Slow, free rhythm Z:id:hn-song-3 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=140 K:Edor ED | B,3 C D2 | E E3 FG | A2 A2 (AF) | D4 EF | G3 A B2 | d2 B2 A2 | F2 E2 D2 | E4 :| ED | B,3 C D2 | E E3 FG | A2 A2 AF | D4 EF | G3 A BB | d2 B2 BA | F2 E2 D2 | E4 || W:On the first of November, on a bright autumn day W:To the hills of Dromeen I chanced for to stray W:I was feeding on green grass, that grows on yon ground W:When my heart was set a-beating by the crying of the hounds W: W:Chorus: W:Mush-a rang tally-ho, hark ye over hi-dee ho W:Hark ye over cries the huntsman, hark ye over hi ho W: W:They hunted me up, and they hunted me down W:The bold huntsmen of Stiahan, on my trail sent the hounds W:Over highlands and lowlands, moorlands also, W:Over hedges and ditches, like the wind I did go. W: W:Chorus W: W:There was ringwood and roses, they gave me a close brush W:It was then they found me hiding, it was in a rush bush W:For better or worse, I know I must die, W:But I do my endeavour, these hounds to defy W: W:Chorus W: W:Then up stands the huntsman, to end all my strife W:Sayin' lay the hare down, give her plea for her life W:Wouldnt it be for better, you killed rather the fox W:Who ate all your chickens, fat hen and gay cock? W: W:Chorus W: W:And now I must die, and I know not the crime W:For the value of sixpence, I ne'er harmed mankind W:I ne'er was brought up for to rob or to steal W:Except for the crabbin' some tops of green kale W: W:Chorus
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