The New Century

A hornpipe in the key of Gmix

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Abc sheet music for New Century, The
X:203 T:New Century, The R:hornpipe Z:id:hn-hornpipe-92 M:C| K:Gmix Bc|:dBG^F GBdB|cA=FE FAcA|BAG^F GA (3Bcd|gb (3ag^f g2ge| dedB G2AB|c=fcA F2Ac|BGgd ecd^F|1 AGG^F G2Bc:|2 AGG^F G2GA|| |:Bcde =fdcA|dDE^F GFGA|Bcde =fdge|a^fd^c d2 (3def| gdBG ecA^F|G^FGB AG (3EFG|^FDFA ced^F|1 AGG^F G2GA:|2 AGG^F G2||
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