The Devil and the Bailiff

A slip jig in the key of G

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Devil and the Bailiff
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Abc sheet music for Devil and the Bailiff, The
X:1944 T:Devil and the Bailiff, The T:T\'aim in Arrears T:Moll Roe T:Mall Rua T:M\'aire Rua R:slip jig D:Stockton's Wing. D:Paul McGrattan: The Frost is all Over Z:id:hn-slipjig-8 M:9/8 K:G DGG GAG FGA|BdB GAB c3|DGG GAG FGA|1 BdB cAF ~G3:|2 BdB cAF G2B|| |:ded cAG FED|ded cAB c3|ded cAG FGA|1 BdB cAF G2B:|2 BdB cAF ~G3|| W:Whenever you go to Kilkenny, W:look out for The Hole in the Wall. W:It's there you'll get pigs' feet and bacon W:and buttermilk for nothing at all.
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