Rodney's Glory

A set dance in the key of Ador

Similar to "Princess Royal", #11
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Abc sheet music for Rodney's Glory
X:1923 T:Rodney's Glory R:set dance H:Similar to "Princess Royal", #11 Z:id:hn-setdance-7 M:C| K:Ador ed|c2Bc AB (3cBA|BGEF G2cd|e=fed cde^f|gfge d=fed| c2Bc AB (3cBA|BGEF G2ed|(3cdc BA GA (3BAG|A2AG A2:| |:cd|eaab aged|e=fed c2A2|g2 (3e^fg agec|dcAF G2E2| AGAB cBcd|edeg a2ab|aged cdef|gfge d=fed| c2Bc AB (3cBA|BGEF G2ed|(3cdc BA GA (3BAG|A2AG A2:| P:variations |:ed|(3cdc Bc ABcA|BGEF G2 (3Bcd|eged cde^f|gedc d=fed| (3cdc Bc AcBA|BGEF G2Bd|c2BA GABG|A2AB A2:| |:cd|eaag abag|eged c3d|(3efg fg agec|dcAF G2EG| AGAB cBcd|ed (3efg a2ab|aged cdef|gfge d=fed| (3cdc Bc ABcA|BGEF G2ed|(3cdc BA GABG|A2AB A2:|
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