Maude Miller

A reel in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Maude Miller
X:1815 T:Maude Miller T:Old Maude Miller T:Maud Millar T:Sporting Molly R:reel D:NicGaviskey: Home Away from Home D:T\'eada: Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone D:James Keane: With Friends Like These Z:id:hn-reel-901 M:C| L:1/8 K:Dmix dcAG FADF | E2cE dEcE | dcAG FADF |1 Add^c defe :|2 Add^c d3e || f2df efge | afge afge | f2df efge | afge fdde | f2df efge | afge ~f3g | afge fde^c | Add^c defe || P:variations |: dcAG FDDF | E2cE dEcE | dcAG FDDF |1 Adde fded :|2 Add^c d3e || fAdf efge | a2ge a2ge | ~f3d efgb | a2ge fdde | fedf efge | a2ge fefg | a2ge f2e^c | Adde fded ||
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