The Curlews

A reel in the key of Bdor by Anna Roussel

An unusual version. See also #367
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Abc sheet music for Curlews, The
X:1794 T:Curlews, The R:reel C:Josephine Keegan S:Anna Roussel H:An unusual version. See also #367 Z:id:hn-reel-880 M:C| K:Bdor fB~B2 FBdB | FBdf a^gae | (3fga ed cAAF | EAce a2^ga | bB~B2 FBdB | FBdf a^gaf | =g3e ~f3e | dBBA B4 :| |: BdcB BAFE | DEFA Bcdf | fecB AFED | CEAB cdec | d2cd BAFE | DEFA BcdB | c2AB ceae |1 cAec dBB2 :|2 caec dBB2 :|
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