The Drunken Sailor

A hornpipe in the key of Ador

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Drunken Sailor
See also "Johnnie Cope", #29
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Abc sheet music for Drunken Sailor, The
X:174 T:Drunken Sailor, The R:hornpipe H:See also "Johnnie Cope", #29 D:Noel Hill: The Irish Concertina D:Sean Keane, Matt Molloy, Liam O'Flynn: The Fire Aflame Z:id:hn-hornpipe-62 M:C| K:Ador AG|EAAG ABce|edcB AGEF|G2GF GABG|dBGB edcB| AECE ABce|edcB AGEF|Ggfa gedB|c2A2 A2:| |:zB|c2cB cdef|gdBc dBGA|(3BAG dG eGdc|(3BAG dG eGdB| c2cB cdef|gdBc dBGB|Aaag ed (3Bcd|c2A2 A2:| (3Bcd|eaag a2ga|bagf ~e3g|(3fed ad bdag|(3fed ad bdad| eaag a2ga|bd'ag ecGg|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2 (3Bcd| eaag a2c'a|bagf ~e3g|(3fed ad bdag|fdda bdad| eaag a2ga|bd'ag ecGg|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2|| |:zG|EA (3cde EA (3cde|EG (3Bcd EG (3Bcd|EA (3cde EA (3cde|eaed cABG| EA (3cde EA (3cde|d2BG DGBd|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2:| |:ze|ae (3abc' ae (3abc'|gd (3gab gd (3gab|ae (3abc' ae (3abc'|ged2 eddB| cEAc BAGB|cBce d2^cd|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2:| P:Version 2: |:AB|A2AG ABcd|edcB AGEF|G2GF GABc|dBGB edcB| AECE ABcd|edcB AGEF|G2ag edcB|c2A2 A2:| |:zB|c2cB cdef|gdBc dBGA|(3BAG dG eGdc|BGGd eGdB| c2cB cdef|gdBc dBGB|Aaag edcB|c2A2 A2:| |:(3Bcd|eaag a2c'a|bagf ~e3f|gdad bdad|~g3a bagf| eaag a2c'a|bagf ~e3d|egfa gedB|c2A2 A2:| |:zG|EAcA EAcA|DGBG DGBG|EAcA EAcA|ede=f edcB| Acec Acec|d2BG DGBd|egfa gedB|c2A2 A2:| |:ze|ae (3abc' ae (3abc'|gd (3gab gd (3gab|ae (3abc' ae (3abc'|gedB eBdB| cAcA BGBd|cBce d3=f|(3efg fa gedB|c2A2 A2:|
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