John Brosnan's

A reel in the key of Bm

John Brosnan himself plays it in Am
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Abc sheet music for John Brosnan's
X:1723 T:John Brosnan's R:reel C:John Brosnan H:John Brosnan himself plays it in Am D:Vinnie Kilduff: Boys Of Bluehill D:Begley & Cooney: Meitheal Z:id:hn-reel-809 M:C| K:Bm FBBA Bcde|f2ef dcBA|FA~A2 FAEA|FA~A2 fAeA| FBBA Bcde|f2ef dcBA|f2ef dfcf|1 FBBA B2BA:|2 FBBA Bcde|| |:fB~B2 fBde|f2bf afea|fB~B2 fBdf|eA~A2 eAce| fB~B2 fBde|f2bf afef|~f2ef dfcf|1 FBBA Bcde:|2 FBBA B2BA||
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