Northern Lights

A reel in the key of G

transcribed by Anders Clarh\"all
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Abc sheet music for Northern Lights
X:1695 T:Northern Lights R:reel C:J\"orgen "Dudde" Astner, Sweden H:transcribed by Anders Clarh\"all Z:id:hn-reel-781 M:C| K:G G,2B,G, A,B,CA,|B,D~D2 EDCE|DG~G2 GBdB|BcBc AGED| G,2B,G, A,B,CA,|B,D~D2 EDCE|DG~G2 GEDB,|CB,A,C B,G,G,2:|| |:BG~G2 GBdB|eBdB cBAc|BG~G2 GBdB|cBAc BGG2| [1 BG~G2 GBdB|eBdB cBAF|GABG ABcA|dBAc BG~G2:| [2 GABG ABcA|Bd~d2 edce|dg~g2 gedB|cBAc BGG2||
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