Kilty Town

A reel in the key of G

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Abc sheet music for Kilty Town
X:1686 T:Kilty Town R:reel C:Charlie Lennon D:Frankie Gavin: Croch suas E Z:id:hn-reel-772 M:C| K:G BG~G2 d2cA|BdcA BG~G2|AD~D2 cD~D2|~B3d cAFA| BG~G2 d2cA|BdcA BG~G2|FGAd f2eg|1 fdcA G3A:|2 fdcA G4|| |:~g3a gB~B2|eBgB eB~B2|dega bgag|eaag agef| g2bg f2af|(3efg fd edBd|cdec BcdB|AGAB cdef:| |:~g3d BG~G2|FGAB cBcA|GB~B2 GABc|d2AG FDEF| G2BG F2AF|EGFD EB,~B,2|C2EC B,2DB,|1 A,B,CD EFGA:|2 ABcd BG~G2||
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