The Humours of Castlefin

A reel in the key of Edor

Also played with double parts
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Abc sheet music for Humours of Castlefin, The
X:1679 T:Humours of Castlefin, The R:reel H:Also played with double parts D:Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon: I gCnoc na Grai D:Mary MacNamara: Traditional Music from East Clare Z:id:hn-reel-765 M:C| K:Edor BE~E2 BEGB|AD~D2 FGAd|BE~E2 BFAF|1 GBAF EFGA:|2 GBAF E2FA|| B2eB egfe|defa afed|Beed efgb|agfa geed| BeeB egfe|defa afdf|efga bagf|egfd e2dc|| P:variations |:BE~E2 BEGB|AD~D2 FGAd|BE~E2 B2AF|1 GBAF EFGA:|2 GBAF EFGA|| B2ed egfe|defg afed|B2ed efgb|agfa ge~e2| Beed egfe|defg afdf|efga bagf|egfd e2dc||