Paddy Fahy's

A reel in the key of G by Dudde

Also played in D, #533, and in C #925
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Abc sheet music for Paddy Fahy's
X:1669 T:Paddy Fahy's T:Paddy Fahey's R:reel C:Paddy Fahy S:Dudde H:Also played in D, #533, and in C #925 Z:id:hn-reel-755 M:C| K:G GFDC A,B,CA,|D2~D2 FDAF|GFDE FGAB|c2Bc AcBA| GFDC A,B,CA,|D2~D2 FDAF|GFDE FGAG|FDCA, G,A,B,D:| |:G2dB cABG|GFDC A,B,CE|DG~G2 dGBG|GFDC DGGF| G2AB cAAG|FADE =FE=FG|AddB cBce|dcAG FGAF:|
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