The Silver Birch

A reel in the key of A

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Abc sheet music for Silver Birch, The
X:1664 T:Silver Birch, The R:reel D:Bobby Gardiner: The Master's Choice Z:id:hn-reel-750 M:C| K:A A2cE ABcd|e2fc ec~c2|~f3e fgaf|ec~c2 ecBc| A2cE ABcd|~e3f ec~c2|~f3e fgaf|1 ecBc A3E:|2 ecBc A2ab|| |:c'3c' c'bac'|b2c'a bafg|~a3b agfe|(3fga ge fece| c'3b c'bac'|b2c'a bafg|a2ge fafe|1 dBGB A2ab:|2 dBGB A3E||
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