Long Slender Sally

A reel in the key of Amix by Paddy O'Neill

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Abc sheet music for Long Slender Sally
X:1655 T:Long Slender Sally R:reel S:Paddy O'Neill D:Cathal McConnell: On Lough Erne Shore Z:id:hn-reel-741 M:C| K:Amix eA~A2 eAdA|eAfA gAfA|eA~A2 ed (3Bcd|BAGB d2 (3Bcd| eA~A2 eAdA|(3efg fa ~g3a|bzaf gfed|BAGB d2 (3Bcd:| |:e2E2 A2GB|A2 (3Bcd edBd|agec d2cd|BAGB d2 (3Bcd:|
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