Rags to Riches

A reel in the key of D by Tape of Gary Hastings recorded in Portrush -81

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Rags to Riches
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Abc sheet music for Rags to Riches
X:1641 T:Rags to Riches R:reel C:Ian Stevenson S:Tape of Gary Hastings recorded in Portrush -81 Z:id:hn-reel-727 M:C| K:D d2cA {c}BAFA | EAFA EAFA |1 d2cA {c}BAFB | ABde fa{b}ge :|2 d3A {c}BAFB | ABde {a}fdd2 || a2{c'}af dfaf | ceae ceae | a2{c'}af df{c'}af | ecAc edd2 | a2{c'}af df{c'}af | edcd BcA2 | d3A {c}BAFB | ABde {a}fdd2 || P:variations |: dBcA BAFA | EAFA EAFA | dBcA BAFB |1 ABde fafe :|2 ABde fdd2 || a2af dfaf | ceAe ceAe | a2af dfaf | ecAc eddf | a2af dfaf | edcd BcA2 | dcdA BAFB | ABde fdd2 ||
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