Christmas Eve

A reel in the key of D

Also as a slide, #41
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Abc sheet music for Christmas Eve
X:1633 T:Christmas Eve T:O\'iche Nollaig T:Strawberry Blossom, The T:Boys of Ballynahinch, The R:reel H:Also as a slide, #41 D:Paul McGrattan: The Frost Is All Over D:M\'iche\'al \'O S\'uilleabh\'ain: The Dolphin's Way Z:id:hn-reel-719 M:C| K:D ag | fAdf edBA | (3Bcd ef geag | fAdf edge | dBAG FAdA | defd edBA | (3Bcd ef geag | fAdf edge | dBAG FAde || faaf dAde | faaf ~g3e | f2ab afdf | gfed ~B2A2 | faaf dAde | faaf ~g3a | bgaf gfed | (3Bcd ef ge || P:variations ag | fddf edBg | fAdf g2ag | fddf edBc | dBAF EFDg | fAdf edBg | fAdf geag | fAdf edBc | dBAF EFDg || faaf dcde | faaf ge~e2 | faab afdf | gfed BdAg | faaf dcde | faaf g2fg | bgaf gfed | (3Bcd ef g2 ||
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