The Heights Of Muingbhathá

A reel in the key of G by Kevin Finucane

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Heights Of Muingbhathá
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Abc sheet music for Heights Of Muingbhathá, The
X:1628 T:Heights Of Muingbhath\'a, The T:Heights of Muingvuara, The T:Trip To London, The R:reel C:Tom Fleming S:Kevin Finucane Z:id:hn-reel-714 M:C| K:G DE (3=FED G=FDC | B,G,B,C DE=FD | G3B dBGB | A=FDE =FEDC | DE (3=FED G=FDC | B,G,B,C DE=FD | G3B AG^FG |1 DGG^F G3=F :|2 DGG^F GABd || |: gddB GBdg | bgag e3f | gBBA BcBA | GBdB A2Bd | gddB GBdg | bgag e2ef | gd~d2 d^cdG |1 FGAF GABd :|2 FGAF G3=F || P:variations |: DE=FD G=FDC | B,G,B,C DE=FD | G3B dBGB | A=FDE FDCE | DE=FD G^FDC | B,G,B,C DE=FD | G^FGB AGFG |1 DGG^F G3=F :|2 DGG^F G2Bd || |: gBdB GBdg | bgag edef | gBBA ~B3A | GBdB A2Bd | gBdB GBdg | bgag edef | gd~d2 ^cdBG |1 FGAF G2Bd :|2 FGAF G3=F ||
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